Friday, October 21, 2016

Robin Hood BBC Week + Tag

A Robin Hood Week! Rachel has a Robin Hood BBC week, and I am sorry to say that I have had hardly any time to write posts about this series, since being busy was getting in the way this week. But I am certainly going to fill out the tag she wrote!

So, here it is.

1. Who introduced you to the Robin Hood BBC series?

My mother. We had it on our Netflix list and she thought it might be a nice series. At first we all thought it wouldn't be much of a show but it turned out amazing!

2. How do you react when there is someone else who just started seeing the series?

I think I would say: ''O yes, you should watch it! Go and watch it, right now.''

3. Which season do you like the most?

 Definitely, absolutely the first.

4. Did you wanted the show to go on and on, or should it have ended just like it ended?

I disliked the end very much, since it made me cry. But apart from that, it was a magnificent ending, and just PERFECT. It was. Despite the sadness.

5. Favourite character? (Okay, pick at least four, because there are much characters to choose)

Only four? Okay, first of all, Marian. I love her. She is the best Marian ever. Next comes Much, then... Noooo, I can't just choose four favourite characters! I like Allan, and I like Will and Djaq, Meg, Robin, I even like Guy of Gisbourne (sometimes).
But I must choose four. Okay, here we go. I'll stick to Marian, Much, Djaq, and Allan.

6. Which character did you dislike the most?

Isabella. If it weren't for her, certain things that should have not happened, happened. And there is also Kate, who is super annoying, but if I would have to choose, it would absolutely be Isabella. She's terrible.

7. On a scale of 1-10, how much of a fan do you consider yourself?

 I must admit that I am not completely a fan. I might be a seven, or an eight.

8. If you wanted to save someone of dying, who would it be?

 O no, not nother impossible question, because so many characters die that shouldn't have died. How can I choose?!
Can I just choose everyone who died?
I think I will choose Marian. She and Robin where so happy together. So perfect.

9. Which character would you not want to play in the show?

I don't really understand if the question means who I wouln't want to play in the show, or who I wouldn't want to have in the show. If the first, it would be Isabella, if the second, it would be Isabella too.

10. While watching the series, did you ever read any spoilers about the show?

Maybe I should have, that would have saved me some shocks. But no, I never have. I like the surprise in a movie, or series. Watching spoilers would ... well, spoil it for me. :)

11. What's your favourite quote from Robin Hood BBC?

O, I like this question very much! Let's see ... ''Wil you tolerate this injustice? I, for one, will not.'' and I also like this one very much: ''Maybe he's stuck. People get stuck, y'know.'' But my favourite is the first.

12. At least, wich couple do you like the most?

Robin and Marian. They are perfect for each other.

Thank you Rachel, for making this tag. I enjoyed it very much!