Thursday, June 1, 2017

A Road to Avonlea Post

As you might have already guessed, we are currently watching Road to Avonlea (season four allready ... why, time goes fast). And instead of trying to find words to describe how much I like Road to Avonlea so very very much (it never works, or it sounds really mushy), I'll do a character review. Since I have only watched till season four, things that are yet to happen, will not be mentioned, and eventhough I'll try to keep it spoiler free ... that will probably not happen. Please forgive me. :)

Sara Stanley. She is independent, headstrong, and very romantic. She has a personal sense of right and wrong, so when she does not want to do something, she won't. And when she wants to do something, she will. She likes to give advice and help people, especially when it concerns romance (I told you she was romantic!)

Hetty King. The opinionated and stubborn teacher of the Avonlea school. She likes rules and doing things the old fashioned way, and while she cares a lot about the people around her, does not often tell them, more likely shows them.
At first she wasn't very likeable, but she ''softened'' during the seasons and now she is my favourite character. She even starts writing romantic fiction! Hetty King writing romantic fiction, can you believe it?

Felicity King. Let's just say she was kind of awful when the series began. But when she grows older she becomes more likeble, with still the bossy streak about her. She looks somewhat like Hetty with how she thinks of rules, and how things must be done. This picture is really afwul but I couldn't find one where she was this age AND alone (she is always with someone else on pictures) *awkwardly tried to do a sentence like the one above and kind off failed because the sentence is waaay to long*
I like her now. There is even said I am a bit like her. What?! Well, maybe I am a bit like her. A very little bit. The bossy part, that is.

Felix King. Welcome to trouble. Felix just does things, and then the other thing happens that escalates and Felix is in trouble again. He can't help it, so it seems. But he is very kind, he is honest and where he really likes to tease Felicity and can sometimes go to far (which is funny for us to watch!) he really doesn't mean any harm.

Olivia King-Dale. A very warm, enthousiastic person, at first a little under aunt Hetty's command, but she grows more independent with time, getting to work at the Avonlea newspaper and being very good at it. She can at times be very hilarious. :)

Jasper Dale. He is shy and a tad bit clumsy, but he makes the most beautiful photo's, and he's an inventor.

Gus Pike. He has a funny accent, and he lives in a firehouse. He has humor, but he's a serious person at the same time. He is always in to help, and eventhough it is strange that he used to play his violin all the time, and now that violin hasn't appeard on screen in ages, he is a great person.
Please excuse the hazy picture. Thank you very much. :)

Janet King. Oh, I like her. She is a sweet, considerate person, very warm and loving. Yet she also has her stubbornnes from time to time and I like that about her too (one can't be all perfect, right?).

Alec King. He's a little like Janet, but more pragmatic and ''sensible''. He is a steady person, not against new things, but he very much likes his way of living, being a husband and a father and a farmer.

Cecily King. Sweet, little sister Cecily. She loves her dog, Digger, very much. She puts some effort in trying to stop people from quarreling, but she hasn't been a ''main person'' very much, yet. Maybe that'll come.

A family who's name sounds like ''Peddibone''. I have no idea if they are going to stay for long. The girl is Izzy, she's a tomboy and I like her. The younger boy has a name and I don't remember what it is. The eldest is Arthur, he's a going-to-be-veterinarian (Felix said ''vegetarian''!) and I don't like him very much. He looks ANGRY and he likes Felicity. Their father is the teacher (since Hetty left the school and now he and Hetty write stories!).

That about sums up the characters from Road to Avonlea. There's also Rachel Lynde so here and there, and once Gilbert Blythe showed up! (in a sad episode, but still) Also Muriel Stacey entered the show several times, and Marilla.

Ta-da! That's done (this looks like a long post, but I don't really think it is). If you haven't watched Road to Avonlea yet, you should try starting it! We're watching it online right now, without subtitles (thus the sound of the speakers is a little loud because we can't understand Gus Pike sometimes, or Hetty, but it is manageable :D)

I'll say goodbye for now then!


  1. Oh, I love Road to Avonlea! It's so fun and you can laugh about it, but at the same time it can keep you thinking. Loved the way you described the characters(that's not one of my strongest parts) I don't like Arthur Pettibone either. He only showed up in the series once, but I do not like him already. The boy between Izzy and Arthur is, by the way, Morgan ;)

    1. Thank you! Yes, you are right, it also sets you thinking. That's good, right?
      Good, now I know Morgans name! (I could have also checked it at Pinterest or anything, but I was kinda lazy ... ;))
      O, it's ''Pettibone''? I thought it was Peddibone. Hard to tell if you have no subtitles! :)

  2. Oo Rebekkah I LOVE Road To Avonlea!! Great post!

    I'm glad to have met you! :D

    ~Miss Woodhouse

  3. Thank you! And I'm glad to have met you too (I checked out your blog and I love it)! :)