Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Dear Spring

Dear Spring. How wonderful of you to come and make us happy and cheerful and wanting to go outside and just be there for no reason other then to look at the trees that become green, and the little specks of colour that appear everywhere, and the blue sky and the warm sun and the chirping of birds when we wake up.

Trees start to blossom, white and pink veils between the light green of early leaves yet to grow bigger.
(trying to be poetic here, Spring, don't mind me)

Everything has just magically become more alive, more happy, more 'what am I doing in my room? Why am I not outside?'
I wish it would always be like this.

No more jackets! No more woolen hats and scarfs! Freedom and short sleeves! (okay, maybe not just yet, but I know it's coming).

Oh, and butterflies. Last week I sat in my room and for some reason I looked outside (I always randomly look outside) and there I saw this thing fluttering in the sky. First I thought it was a leaf, and then I realised it was not, and since it was also to small to be a bird, I thus realised it was a butterfly. It is so beautiful to start seeing butterflies again, dear Spring. They are such tiny, fragile and enchanting creatures ...

And the sun. Everyday it gets a little warmer, unnoticed. I wake up with the sun shining through the curtains and making golden stripes on the wall, and it makes me feel happy. Sun does that to you. (I know there are people who really like rain, but I only like rain when it's summer, and it smells so amazing and new and fresh. Winter/Spring/Fall rain I find a little gloomy ... I wish I could like that sort of rain also, but I just don't)

Sorry for my rambling, Spring. I will continue.

Finally being able to plant things and work in the garden. Eventhough sadly I have done nothing of the sort just yet, because I was so busy with learning things that I need to know for my exams and now I shall not wander off topic AGAIN and stay on track.

Feeling like writing much and much more.

Oh, and you make the days longer. How I love it to be able to read some early in the morning without having to turn on the light, or to see the sun being all orange when I look out of my window and it's still early.

And birds. That must be the most amazing thing. Little birds everywhere, but mostly just hearing them in the morning and the evening and now I can't wait for Summer to hear them even more (sorry, dear Spring, I am a little fickle, but I truly like you, truly)

That was it, I guess. To sum it all up, I am truly happy you have come at last, dear Spring.




  1. Loved this post, Rebekka!!
    Spring is really great. The proof winter is over.
    I sometimes wake up early, and then I hear the birds tweeting(it's always special). Hip hip hurray for longer days!

    1. Thank you! Yep, winter is sure over, and I'm really glad about it. :) Yes, hip hip hurray too! (I can actually hear birds chirping right now. It's special indeed, something very calming about it, if that makes sense. :D)

    2. To be more precise, birds chirping makes me full of happy memories, of summer and spring and warm days and happiness, and just kinda nostalgic, which I like. :)

  2. LOVELY POST REBEKKA!!!! I really enjoy spring, hope we get a hot summer. :)

  3. Thank you!! Yes, I hope so too!