Tuesday, November 21, 2017


Good day en I wish you sunshine because it keeps raining here (of course, it's autumn, duh).

Confusing thought in my head.
What is originality? Does it even exist? Does not every thing come from something that came before, isn't there anything new under the sun?

Very confusing. If I dress like this and call myself original, is that even true? Or if I write this book on this or that subject, am I not unintentionally copying someone who has already wrote it before me?
Blah, I sound serious. Like, boring serious.
Is boring original?!
And now I sound utterly weird.

To get to the point: I thought about this a lot. I think everyone gets to a time when they think about it (I hope. Or not hope). Especially when it comes to writing. The fear of unintentional copy, fear you won't be able to say what hasn't already been said, the urge to come up with something new and bright and beautiful and NOT YET EXISTING.

That's probably where one stops because one thinks one is unoriginal and boring and will never become a writer (why isn't writing easy?! It's weird, because writing is 90% hard work and the rest is fun, but you can't just stop writing. That's ... impossible. And on the other hand I wouldn't want writing to be easy, because that wouldn't be right. Aaand now I'm off topic, let's go back, shall we?).

I think ... (here comes the wise opinion that is actually allready said a thousand times before ... that was sarcastic, sorry) ... one should not worry about being original, one should try to be oneself (is that even a word?). Like, write what you want to write, even if it has been written before, because when you write it, it will be different from the other person that wrote it when you where five years old and running through the yard with your little sister.
It's like that quote/saying/wise word: ''no one ever reads the same book.'' Two persons may read one book, but it will be different in their minds.
And since there is only one of you and everyone is unique what you write will allways be different.

Basically I wrote this post for my younger self and for my now self because I had the confusing thought about originality on my mind that I haven't actually answered.

Originality doesn't exist. Not in writing anyways. My opinion, though it may be brought to fall down again because someone comes with an counterargument that says original does exist.

It's still raining. I do hope for a bit of sunshine. Autumn leaves are beatutifull, and so are the sunsets and the fog, but not the rain!

Have a good day. With or without rain.


  1. You're right! What is original? Something that nobody did before, but it might even been that they did it before but it is not known. I have the same with stories. I write something down and then I think: ''Did someone already write this?''
    I saw a pin on Pinterest which said:
    ''If you're worried that your writing has already been written, it doesn't matter, because it was never written by you.'' Something like that:)
    I loved this, Rebekka!

    1. Yes! So do I, all the time. :)
      I need to find that pin and print it out and paste it to the wall to look at it all the time. :)Oh, thank you!