Friday, September 16, 2016

Another Tag!

Rachel from A Girl's Place tagged me with The Celibrities Tag.

If you are reading this, thank you, Rachel!

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The Questions:

1. Who's your favourite actress (Okay, pick at least three, because there are so many of them)

 My favourite actress? There are so many! Julie Andrews (because she playes in The Sound of Music, and in The Princess Diaries) Keeley Hawes (because she playes in good movies I have seen, like Wives and Daughters) and Jessica Brown Findlay (because she is Sybil).

2. Which red carpet dress is the best one you ever saw?

 Ehm ... I never look at red carpet dresses, but now I will search Pinterest to find one.

 This is the one I found where I thought: why, this one doesn't look that bad. It's lady Rose. (I hope I'm not wrong here)

3. If there is going to be a new Pride and Prejudice, which actor and actress you choose for Elizabeth and Darcy?

I wouldn't know. This is a very hard question.

4. Do you know Lily James real full name without looking it up on Internet?

No, I don't. Is it something with Ninette in it? ...after looking it up... 'Lily Chloe Ninette Thomson'. 

5. Who's your favourite actor? (Pick at least three, because there are so many actors)

Actors, favourite actors? Well, I like Matthew Macfayden (beacuse of Little Dorrit!) and Allan Leech (because he's Tom Branson in Downton Abbey. Of course.) And Dan Stevens (as Matthew Crawley).

6. Which red carpet dress is the worst you ever saw?

 This one. Sorry, Michelle Dockery.

7. Who's your favourite Royal family?

I guess the Royal family of England.

8. Are there actors/actressess you don't like? If yes, why?

No. I do not like some as the persons they play in movies, but towards the people they are in real life I don't know what they are like, so I can't not like anyone.

9. Do you have a favourite child actor/actress?

George, who is a twin in real life

10. What's the prettiest celibrities name you ever heard?

Keri Russel. Maybe because I like The Magic of Ordinary Days so much. If you haven't watched that movie, you should try!

11. What's your favourite movie quote?

This one is difficult. Let 's choose one from a movie I've recently watched. ''You are marching into the unknown, armed with ... nothing. Have a sandwich.'' It 's from You've Got Mail.

12. If you where an actress, and you where casted to play one of the ladies of DA, who would you want to play?

 Hard one ... I think I would choose Lady Rose, because she is a real interesting person in the series. She goes through a whole lot of different things, and she is just so kind. And I like her wardrobe the best. :)

13. Do you often talk about actors/actressess with your family?

Almost never. I do talk about movies a lot. Sometimes I talk about actresses and actors with my sisters.

14. Which actor/actress would you want to meet? (Right, just pick two, to make it funner)

Meet? O, I wouldn't feel very comfertable to actually meet any of the actors or actressesses I know, but I would like to ask them a few questions. I would like to meet Edith and ask her all about her role in Downton Abbey, and I would also like to ask Mr Carson which series he liked better, Downton Abbey or Cranford. I know it might be weird, but I'd like to know.

Well, this was a lovely tag. I will be making actual posts soon, too. Thank you Rachel!


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