Wednesday, November 16, 2016

a random picture post

Hello! Lovely day, half sun, half clouds, half raining, typically something for Holland! (I don't actually know if you should write Holland or the Netherlands ...)

Today I would like to make a picture post, since I love pretty pictures. :)


The last one doesn't really fit in qua size, but I just thought it belonged among the pictures somehow. Maybe because it's blue. I am in a blue mood today. Not the sad blue mood though, just the happy one, the one of campfires in the snow and blue skies and the blue sweater I'm wearing, and the blue earings I'm wearing too, and blue eyes, and blue prints.
I am using a lot of ''ands'' in this sentence. Because I was in that mood too. =)

Hope you all have a delightful rest of the week!


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