Friday, December 9, 2016

New Month

Hello everyone! Sorry I have been absent for such a long time, but I was busy studying and stuff like that.

I don't really have a specific topic for this post, so it will be a random one again. :D

(I love random posts)

Two weeks ago - or more, I can't remember actually - I started watching Green Gables Fables. Before this I also watched the Lizzie Bennet diaries, but I stopped, because it wasn't much fun, for me. I don't know, maybe because they where all wearing far to much make-up? (They did)
But Green Gables Fables is amazing! I loved it from the very first episode till the last, and I am so sad it ended so soon. There should have been a season three.

Ofcourse the movie with Megan Fellowes in it is still THE BEST. Obvious.

Anne is really very much like Anne would be if she had lived now. I think they did an amazing job on that. She is very enthusiastic, I love her hair (mine is actually that length, so that's one other reason why I like her so much. :P (except mine is not the same colour)) and how she dresses, her personality and how she grows throughout the series. And she is funny.

 Diana is also great. She is very sweet, and caring. And sensible, wich is good. Especially with a friend like Anne, who can sometimes be dreaming away. :)

I absolutely love this picture. (that's Gilbert in the middle, and I like the person they picked for his role very much too. He's like Gilbert as I imagined him living in this era (is 'era' even a right word for these times?))
Three friends on a bridge, at dusk, in the winter. Anne's hair really stands out. :D

There are other characters, like Matthew, who I don't really like because no one can be any better than Matthew from the movie, like EVER, but he's okay.
Marilla is only seen once, when she is with Anne on her first day of university.
Then there's Fred, and Josie, and Jane (who is a really fun person because she is so serious!) and Ruby,


who has to leave the series for a very terrible reason. I am not quite over that yet. It was very very sad.


Also, I have been reading a Dutch book about the sea and great characters, and it's set in 1900. Anything that has history mixed with the sea, is my jam. I love the sea, and I love history. To be precise, I like the things they did then, and how they dressed, what their customs where, rather than facts like dates and famous persons.

And it has been very winter-ish weather lately! Finally.

At first I had no idea what this bird was called in English, so I checked it on Google translate. It's a heron. He is very common in Holland.
Alas, the frost has dissapeared now, and we have to content ourselves with fog and cloudy skies. But that's beautiful too, so I have nothing to complain!

Well, that's it for now. Nothing interesting has happened, unless studying is interesting (wich it is, but not really... right?).

Aufwiedersehen! (I am studying German, hence the foreign greet :D)


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