Wednesday, October 25, 2017

A Long, long, long, long absence

And in the meantime, summer went by, and autumn came. Now, before I continue, I can explain (the words so often used in movies. They get kind of cliché.)
I forgot my password. (How very smart of me)
Then I tried multiple times to get into my account by entering passwords that I thought where right, but actually where wrong.
So I had to resign to never ever returning here. O sad, sad day that was ...
Then I found the right password in a notebook, stuffed somewhere at the bottom of a pile of other notebooks I never used. I was thrilled, till I found out my account (mine!) would not let me (its rightful owner) in!
Again I had to resign to never returning here. Another sad day.
And then, one day (today actually) I tried once more. Wouldn't hurt to try once more, right? Yes, right! Because now it worked and I got in (sounds weird) and I can blog again. After such a long and long time ...

This was weird to write. Maybe you all left, thought I abandoned this blog without a goodbye. Maybe not. But one thing is true, I am so happy to finally write some of my scribblings in this little ''corner of the internet'' again. *smiling idiotically behind the screen* It's good you can't actually see me, my smile is too big for my face.

And if you're wondering whether I'm a hacker who got into this account and now pretends to be me, there are some bloggers who know me in real life who can confirm that it's actually me (if they are okay with that). Because it's me.
(why would anyone do such a thing as the above, anyway? I wonder)

I think I might be one of the most forgetful people in the world, by far. (I really hope I'm not the only one though, it would be kind of lonely if that were true)

Well, like ma Ingalls said (if I quote correctly), End's well, al's well. (or the other way around, or with different spelling, I don't know. Whatever way I write it, looks wrong. So I'll go with this).


I'm so happy right now, writing a blogpost again!


  1. You're back into the blogging world! :)
    I really thought you would never find your password anymore, I even tried to figure out what password was this one's. Because, well, it was first a joined blog. With the four of us, but now yours. And I tried to remember, but failed hopelessly. I'm glad you're back now!!
    Don't worry, I can forget also! (You're not the only one) One time I even forgot the name of the author of a book I read several times!
    I hope to see a lot more of your posts! ;)

    1. Yes, and happy to be back! Thank you!!
      Haha, that happens to me too. :) For some reason my brain doesn't want to hold on to that particular part of information.
      Thanks. <3 There will be. ;)

  2. It's nice to see a post from you again, Rebekka!:) I can totally understand forgetting passwords--how annoying that is! However, I am glad you found it. Welcome back!:)

  3. Yes! Your back! I really began to miss your posts. :)
    It sounds really not fun, not finding your password. I sometimes have that too, so I must search all my things to find it. :)

    But anyway, it's good to hear from you! Glad your back! <3